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Igor Mizrakh is a political expert, teacher, political scientist, public figure, philanthropist, pop singer, producer, and lawyer. For many years, Mizrakh was engaged in educational science and teaching practice. Later, he expanded his interests and achievements, and today his work in information and political analysis is most noted.


Igor Mizrakh (Mizrakh Igor Arkadyevich) was born on August 1, 1971, in the family of a teacher and engineer in the city of Vinnytsia. After graduating in 1986 from eight classes of Vinnytsia high school No. 25, he followed in his father’s footsteps and entered a school of education. 

After some achievements in teaching (see Career in education), Igor Mizrakh moved to Kyiv, where he became interested in information theory, political analysis, law, and pop music. 

Mizrakh’s equal successes in various spheres of life and activity became a matter of public interest and earned him the nickname “Mr. Etcetera”.


Mizrakh is married and has an adult son and two little (3 and 4 years old) children. His wife Maryna Kornienko-Mizrakh is a successful lawyer and chairperson of the National Women’s Congress of Ukraine.

Igor Mizrakh lives in his own house and takes care of a beautiful garden and two dogs.


Igor Mizrakh has always strived to be a worthy son of his father, the famous Vinnytsia teacher Professor Arkady Ananevich Mizrakh

The desire to teach children led Igor Mizrakh 1990 to the Vinnytsia College of Education, where he graduated with honors (1995). Then there he taught the teaching practice to College students.

While studying at the institute, Mizrakh worked as a primary school teacher in high school No. 16, and then in high school No. 25 in the city of Vinnitsa.

From 1991 to 2004, he worked as an organizer in the House of Children and Youth of Vinnitsa, was the host of citywide and New Year’s holidays, and organized the shooting of clips and beauty contests.

In 2004, Igor Mizrakh, together with his father Arkady Ananevich, became a co-founder and vice-rector of the private higher education institution “Vinnytsia Institute of Clothing Design and Entrepreneurship” (VIKOP, 4th level of accreditation), based on the former sewing school. 

In the same year, he moved to Kyiv, and education ceased to be the main and only area of his interest. 


At various times, Ihor Mizrakh held the positions of Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Combating Organized Crime and Corruption, Deputy Chairman of the Committee “People’s Lustration”, was an adviser on reforming the judicial system, police and prosecutor’s office, assistant to deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

They often invite Igor Mizrakh as a political expert to television to take part in high-level discussions. Igor Mizrakh also compiles analytical reviews and forecasts at the request of the government and major political parties. 


In 1982, being a schoolboy, Igor Mizrakh wrote the song “Childhood”. The song was first performed in the film “I Offer You a Hand and Heart” (1988, “Mosfilm“), and, after Yuri Shatunov sang it in 1992, became a hit.

In the Vinnytsia College of Education group “Trio of Musicians” (led by V. Cherevko), Igor Mizrakh mastered the playing of the piano, guitar, accordion, and double bass.

Igor Mizrakh’s passion for the career of a pop singer in the adult period of his life surprised many, but his work quickly won mass interest and became one of the cultural trends in Kyiv.

The main meaning and message of Igor Mizrakh’s songs are love, loyalty, kindness, honesty, openness, friendship, and faith in the best.

Igor Mizrakh’s discography looks like this:

2016 The album “I Invented You Myself” was recorded live without computer processing and special effects. It includes famous compositions of different years: “Childhood”, “Million Scarlet Roses”, “Maple”, “People Meet”, “I’m Ready to Kiss the Sand”, and others.

2017 Album “For Loved Ones”. Lyrical songs and chanson.

2018 Album “Favorites for the Chosen“, which includes the best songs: “My Dad Will Drive Out”, “The Night Is So Moonlit” (with Maria Maksakova), “Give Me Once” (with Natanika).

2019 Igor Mizrakh together with Maestro Vladimir Grishko performed a duet composition called “I Told You”.

2021 Mizrakh’s songs “Full Moon” and “It’s Cold” became national hits and secured Mizrakh’s reputation as a pop star.

Mizrakh never conducted commercial concert tours but regularly premiered songs that brought him popularity and formed a solid group of his fans. 


Igor Mizrakh takes an active part in charity projects and acts as a sponsor and philanthropist. He is the founder and head of the production center “MIZRAKH PRODUCTION”, created to help gifted artists realize their potential.

Famous artists Evgeny Kemerovsky, Maria Maksakova, Aida, Vitaly Borisyuk, and Natanika collaborated with the production center. Composer and singer Alexander Tishchenko, Olga Sumskaya, Svetlana Leontyeva, and other celebrities took part in the work of this concert venue.


Since moving to Kyiv, Igor Mizrakh has been seriously engaged in information issues. He is a known expert in monitoring Internet resources, network research, and the development of information impact technologies.

He is the editor-in-chief of the political magazine “Rating”, the creator of the magazine “Persona.Top“, and the news resource “Politica”.


From the first days of the invasion of the Russian Federation, Igor Mizrakh took a confident, patriotic position.

He took part in the defense of Kyiv, and when the Russian troops were thrown back from the capital, he was engaged in military charity and oversaw the supply of humanitarian supplies from Europe.

Following the results of the first month of the war, Igor Mizrakhwrote the book “Chronicle of a Cold March”, in which the filmmakers of the United Kingdom showed interest.






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